Video Speed Controller:让HTML5视频的播放速度更快下载

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摘要 : Video Speed Controller是一款可以控制HTML5视频的播放速度的谷歌浏览器插件。
Video Speed Controller:让HTML5视频的播放速度更快

Video Speed Controller:让HTML5视频的播放速度更快下载

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更新日期:2018-06-19 下载次数:15035 来自:Chrome商店
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Video Speed Controller:让HTML5视频的播放速度更快高速下载 Video Speed Controller:让HTML5视频的播放速度更快下载


Video Speed Controller是一款可以控制HTML5视频的播放速度的谷歌浏览器插件。


Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts.
HTML5 video provides native APIs to accelerate playback of any video, but most implemented players either hide or limit this functionality. This extension fixes that, plus more... 

It will help you optimize your video viewing by allowing you to make quick playback speed adjustments, as well as rewind the video to hear the last few second one more time. We don't read at a constant speed, and we talk much slower than we read - there is no reason why we have to listen at a constant speed and at a (very) slow rate.

Once the extension is installed simply navigate to any page that offers HTML5 video, and you'll see a speed indicator in top left corner of the video player. Hover over the indicator to reveal the controls to accelerate, slowdown, or rewind the video (10 seconds + lowers playback speed). Or, even better, use your keyboard:

- S - decrease playback speed.
- D - increase playback speed.
- R - reset playback speed.
- Z - rewind video by 10 seconds.
- X - advance video by 10 seconds.

If you prefer other shortcuts, want to change the increment value, or want the player to remember your playback speed in the future, head into the settings page and customize it to your heart's content.


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