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摘要 : Trevx是一款可以帮助用户搜索英文的音乐并下载的谷歌浏览器插件。


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Trevx:音乐搜索与下载高速下载 Trevx:音乐搜索与下载下载




You can search and download all types of audio files, you can download music, audio books, sound effects and soundtracks

Trevx chrome application help you to listen and download music on the web or any compatible Android phone or tablet, even when you’re not connected. All for free.

You can use Trevx to download music from Youtube or Soundcloud, search and download old songs or even download new music that are not available on streaming services

There are a lot of scenarios, When audio consumption is more suitable, like when you are driving, workout or doing chores , so we created this masterpiece to help you search the web for audio files and enjoy them offline

Why use Trevx ?

Music is medicine to your heart and soul; now it is your turn to download this app to sooth your soul all day long.

✓ SEARCH - search Soundcloud and the web for the best audio files

✓ OFFLINE - Listen anytime, anyplace with the download feature

✓ SPEED - We give you relevent results, in less than 2 seconds

✓ AD-FREE - Trevx for free and will always be

✓ URL SEARCH - Use it as Youtube and Soundcloud converter: You can use Trevx to convert Youtube videos to Mp3 , just type the link in the input box

✓ LANGUAGE SUPPORT -Trevx support more than 12 languages , you can search music in Arabic and all languages that includes latin alphabets , Trevx application is available in English, German, Russian and Arabic languages. In order to change application language - change the standard language of your  chrome browser or search for Trevx app in your language

✓ NO REGISTRATION , you can download and listen to the music you love without any kind of registration

✓ DISCOVER - You can filter Covers/Remixes to listen to the same music you love singed or performed by other artists

✓ PLAYLISTS - Play all the result page , or create temporary playlists , all you will need to do is to type in a band/ singer name that you want to hear and enjoy hours of great music from your favorite singer.

✓ CONTROL - Repeat, Shuffle tracks and create Playlists

✓ SHARE - Share the music you love with the world

✓ CHROME APPLICATION - By downloading the Application , you can access your music instantly, anywhere

✓ MP3 - All results will be served as mp3 files , for better convenience since mp3s works on iPhones and iPads through iTunes and it works on all android devices

✓ PODCASTS -  Enjoy, organize, and listen to your favorite podcasts online via Trevx

Who can use it ?

✓ People use Trevx to search Music and Audiobooks

✓ A good portion of our users Learn Languages using Trevx

✓ Searching for religious content also common on the engine

What else you can use Trevx for ?

★ Listen to poems by well known poets read aloud

★ You can search by instrument | try "Steel Drums"

★ Learn new language | try "Spanish lesson" or "Learn German"

★ Listen to Quran | try "Surah Yusuf" or "سورة يوسف"

★ Listen to Bible | try "Genesis 24"

★ Do more | try "Background music"

★ Enjoy music shows | try "X factor"

★ You can search by instrument | try "Violin", "Piano" or "Steel Drums"

★ Your children could also enjoy Trevx | try "Dora the explorer"

★ Celebrate Special moments | try "Happy birthday to you"

★ Need to laugh | try "Jokes"

★ Looking for wisdom | try "Alan Watts"

★ Find how animals sounds like | try "Lion sound"

★ Relax and try "Relaxing music"

★ Download ringtones for your phone

★ Get audio instructions try "Instructions:baby"

★ Get audio tips try "Tips:Health" or "Tips:tax"

★ Know top lists "top 10 greek songs"

★ Find and listen to speeches try "Hillary Clinton"

★ Listen to Reviews try "Iphone 6"

★ Find cool ringtones "motorcycle sound effect"

★ You can use Trevx to study; for better concentration try "Study music"

★ Get motivated today and listen to "Zig Ziglar" or "Tony Robbins"

★ Add "sound effects" to your query to get sound effects

★ Audio books are easy to find on Trevx

★ People use Trevx to listen to news channels & podcasts

★ Download , Listen and Enjoy the music you love for free using Trevx chrome application and extention

★ Trevx chrome extention allow you to convert any music URL to mp3


- Explore and Download Trending Music and Trending Audio feeds

- Search for sound effects

- Browse tracks by genre

(Similar to: Pandora,, Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, MOG,, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Songza, 8tracks)


-> Background audio.

-> Downloading continues in background.

Audio player:

-> Repeat and shuffle songs.

-> Shows the album art and music info.

-> Music playback continues with the screen locked and in the background.

-> iPod ,iPad and iPhonecontrols can be used for the music control.

-> Background Music Playback


"This is the best music downloader ever"

"Thank god I found some way to download music in such easy way"

"My Girlfriend and I Love this app With A PASSION."

"This is the best app ever invented"

"Just installed and used for 15 mins, seems quite awesome so far"

We love to hear what do you think in the comment/review section

GET STARTED : Start enjoying music right now [Recommended list]

★ Jesse Cook Afternoon At Satie

★ Mary Hopkin - Those were the days


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