Print Friendly & PDF 打印插件下载

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摘要 : Print Friendly & PDF是一款可以帮助用户自定义打印内容和打印格式的谷歌浏览器插件,Print Friendly & PDF打印插件还支持PDF的格式打印。
Print Friendly & PDF 打印插件

Print Friendly & PDF 打印插件下载

插件大小:37.22KiB 插件版本:2.3 支持语言:简体中文,English等21种语言
更新日期:2018-06-22 下载次数:2417 来自:Chrome商店
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Print Friendly & PDF 打印插件高速下载 Print Friendly & PDF 打印插件下载


Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage

Save Paper and Ink When You Print

Print Friendly removes ads, navigation and junk before your print. Pages are optimized for the ultimate print reading experience.

Edit Before Printing

Click-to-delete any content before printing. Remove images or individual images. Change the text size from larger to smaller.

Print or Save as PDF

Generate PDFs for archiving, sharing, or saving. PDFs include clickable links, and source URL so you can continue to interact.


* Print Preview

* Save as PDF

* Email Page

* Remove Images and text you don't want

* Change font size



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