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摘要 : smartUp是一款chrome上的手势插件,包括鼠标手势、简易拖拽、摇杆手势、滚轮手势和超级拖拽等功能。


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smartUp is a Google Chrome extension which boost productivity by you mouse. Features include mouse gestures, simple drag, super drag and so on.

+ We setted some actions by default, but what you can do with smartUp is not limited to these. You may add/edit/delete actions from options page by yourself.

+ More humane and personalized options, and more beautiful designs.

+ We will continue to improve this software, and fixes bugs.

Still use those extensions which did not update for a long time?

Still use those extensions which contains many ads?

Still use those extensions which tracked and collected your your personal data?

its time to give up these extensions, now. smartUp is a better one.

smartUp actions lists:




Some Chrome internal pages, like the new tab page, the extension manager, the download manager, the history page, and so on, are not accessible in extensions, Chrome

refuses extensions to inject code into these pages for security considerations, so, smatUp, like all other extensions, doesn't work on these pages. All

other sites, except this one (Google blocked extensions on for the same reason) should work.


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